Christian spec-fic e-zine breaks through to sci-fi public.

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Christian spec-fic e-zine breaks through to sci-fi public.

Postby frankcreed » 2009 01 19 0601

Present your Christian spec-fic Art to the sci-fi public.
This is huge for the Wayfarers Journal e-zine.
Lost Lenre Guild members have heard me say, we're stronger together. A Second Life Ministries Shoutlife group brings Christian Spec-Fic to the Virtual Reality public where there must be a TON of sci-fi fans, and all the subtle Christian artists can do their Ministry thing through Wayfarers Journal e-zine. It's beautiful when our art becomes our business becomes our daily ministry. It's great wakin' up in the mornin and taking breaks with Terri and y'all as we write through the workday.
Here's your invitation.
Stay in touch by following me through my work day on Twitter, and finding all the peeps with whom I've networked--it's not what you know (and some of y'all are very very good), but whom.
See where my peeps hang at.
For the spiritually minded, get fellowshipped.

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