Free Writers Conference Online: Feb 2nd--9th

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Free Writers Conference Online: Feb 2nd--9th

Postby frankcreed » 2008 12 21 1942

The Catholic Writers Conference Online is sponsored by the Catholic Writers Guild, and runs from Monday February 2nd to Monday February 9th.
(Read the rest aloud in that Oxyclean spokesperson-guy’s voice to annoy bystanders.) 8D
Protestants included!
But wait, there’s more!
Of the many workshops, I'm presenting the PUBLISHING QUALITY MANUSCRIPT POLISHING workshop the first week of February. This will not be about the art of editing. Few are gifted at both writing and editing. MS polishing is making your fiction the best it can be, before submission to a publisher.
You get to apply my MaD-sKiLlZ as a literary critic to your own manuscript. See what I do for AT NO COST! The Finishers offers several manuscript services, but the most popular is our Mentorship Program. New writers learn the fiction craft while polishing.
Some of the other workshops and presenters are:
Creative Calisthenics with Terri Main
Dialog with Devon Ellington
How to Sell Yourself with VS Grenier
Humor Writing With Ron Berry
Worldbuilding with Karina Fabian
Hope y’all can attend, but behave yourselves: nuns with rulers on patrol . . .
Registration closes January 15th.

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