Fired for Christmas: Full-Time Writing

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Fired for Christmas: Full-Time Writing

Postby frankcreed » 2008 12 18 1528

I blogged your name today at
I know you don't want e-mails, so I'm contacting you this way. I hope you'll drop by a Marketing brainstorm thinktank. . .


I just blogged the following. I'm hopin' one little sub-board on our new BB3 gets very busy. My main idea is a Lost Genre Guild Web Radio Network, with Podcasters *waves at Grahams, Hagberg, Anderson, Gilbert, Kent, and Frandsen* featuring not just speculative fiction, but other genres as well. Lets get all readers interested.

Droppin’ uh bomb in a Shoutlife Exclusive

God’s blessed me with an auto-worker’s job for a dozen years, for which I’ve been very thankful, and with which I’ve provided for my family. I’m now heading into this economy like a growing number of others: unemployed and scared. In an event that’s rattled all my life’s spheres, I’ve been forced into my lifelong dream of full-time writing. It’s with a tremulous voice that I quote a famous rabbit, “Don’t throw me in da Briar patch!”


Many novelists keep a notebook for fiction ideas. I’ve kept one since high school, but mine has a new-ish marketing tab as well. I've compiled five years worth of networking and marketing ideas. Ideas that once required more time than I had. God gave me a talent to invest, an overdeveloped Protestant work-ethic, a passion for my fiction genre’s ministry potential, and an energy born of desperation. That can be infectious. The Lost Genre Guild is just one tiny cell in the Body of Christ, and one can duplicate our promotional efforts for one’s own writing-ministry.


This is a public invitation to Terri Main, Michael Taylor Kent, Derek & Sharon Gilbert, Paeter Frandsen, Michelle Sutton, Tricia Goyer, Brenda Nixon, Amy Hammond-Hagberg, Rebecca Miller, Donita Paul, Jeff Gerke, Adam & Andrea Graham, Caprice Hokstad, Maurice Broaddus, Johne Cook, A.P. Fuchs, Molly Noble Bull, Rick Sutcliffe, Jeremy Robinson, Grace Bridges, Jocelyn Anderson, Jackqueline Moore, Cathi Hassan, Jill Elizabeth Nelson, and a list of other peeps with whom I’ve networked in building my web presence. Anyone who wants to lurk and learn some good promotional ideas is welcome to hang out with us, but if you know anyone who has successfully created traffic at their web presence, please invite them to join us.


We’ll brainstorm at the Lost Genre Guild’s new discussion-board, in a sub-forum titled: Marketing Leads, Hints and Tips. Like most forums of this sort, anyone who joins can sign in and post public messages. A separate password is required for our private critique groups, and Marketing Leads, Hints and Tips.


Many writers think like, or act like, their publisher will do all the marketing for them. It would be nice to be picked up by a publisher for whom you only have to write fiction, but that's not how it works. People have to know you exist. One of the things that publishers look for are authors willing to successfully market themselves. How does one create word of mouth, buzz, and viral marketing? The big question everyone has is . . .


If you are still reading this, you need to head over there NOW and sign up.


Do it. Do it now. Now, I say, NOW!!!


I hope to see you there--nothing time-consuming.


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Posts: 35
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Re: Fired for Christmas: Full-Time Writing

Postby frankcreed » 2008 12 18 1529

There goes Shoutlife's exclusive. :(

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