Bad Economic Times

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Bad Economic Times

Postby frankcreed » 2008 10 19 0846

I've asked top Shoutlife authors for input at a blog titled: <a href="">Econo-Friendly Fiction-Ministry?</a>

How can authors give back? Read it below or at the link, to see their replies.

Econo-Friendly Fiction-Ministry?
By Frank Creed

Twice in a week my buddy's seen two different guys near highway ramps lugging full backpacks and "Will Work for Food" signs?and I live in fly-over country, where hard times are felt last. Homeless and unemployment are on the rise. If we've got a Great Depression II looming as some economists predict, the big 700k million bailout without any structure to direct it's use just paid for more of the same: a lot of CEO golden parachutes. That's two-thousand taxpayer Dollars for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. handed to the wealthiest people in the country. What a waste.
Gasoline under three Dollars a gallon makes us pull a U-turn, heating our homes in winter costs four hundred per month, and electric space heater fires are about to rise. Scary that the time line in my 2036 dystopic novel Flashpoint has an energy crisis leading to a Great Depression II, but at least in such a world books are cheap entertainment. Good news for authors, but how can we help those who will really be needin'-it?
To help those in the worst situations, I'll share my success with a local charity, Lafayette Urban Ministries. How are you adjusting in these financially lean times?

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