Breakthrough News for Christianity’s Lost Genre

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Breakthrough News for Christianity’s Lost Genre

Postby frankcreed » 2008 10 11 1641

By Frank Creed

Christian sci-fi, horror, and fantasy fans applauded four spec-fic launches on October First.

The Christian-and-Biblical-genre-novelist dam burst with becoming the first Christian spec-fic ONLY publisher.

Irish-Kiwi from Germany, Grace Bridges, sci-fi author launches her US tour, with daily updates of her adventures on her own video-blog:

Steveen L. Rice’s League of Superheros novel-launch:

And Bryan Davis launches Book Two of the Echoes from the Edge series, Eternity’s Edge: ... =Zondervan

The snowball is rolling for the Lost Genre—Gerke’s Marcher Lord Press reports brisk sales!


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