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Christian Suspense Thriller

Postby Everlasting » 2007 11 28 1331

Has anyone every attempted to write a Christian Suspense Thriller? Allot of times, a thriller, is the mystery, contained within the suspense. I've just completed a manuscript, that binds together all three elements. Like my first novel: Moon over Key Biscayne, my new manuscript: A Circle of Fear, brings a spiritual understanding to the Suspense/Thriller genre. Moon over Key Biscayne has a publication date of April 30, 2007, under the Science Fiction genre. But, I am hopeful about my new manuscript, and look forward to everyone enjoying the new, read. I recently finished my latest manuscript : A Circle of Fear. I think the suspense, in a Christian Thriller novel, would stem from the antagonist ,who doesn’t' take the Christian word within a world view, vs. protagonist who takes both views into account, and has a better (soul) character reference.

I don't know if anyone has heard or not, but there are several ongoing writing contests. Unfortunately the entry processes have just closed. I found another writing group called They're sponsored by Borders, and Court Tv is looking for the next big crime writer.

Here is a link to my first two chapters:

First Chapter Url: ... 4977149237

Second Chapter Url: ... 4977149242

I think it's a different take on a crime novel. Feel free to join, and join in the voting process.



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