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Paradigm Issue 4 Launched; Issue 5 Submissions open

Posted: 2007 10 22 1726
by norris140
Rain Farm Press will launch the fourth issue of its literary and art journal Paradigm ( on October 22, 2007. In a very short time, Paradigm has garnered acclaim, interest, and the participation of several globally known and respected creative artists.

Among our special features are all-new interviews with best-selling author and scholar Stephen Greenblatt, artisan, chef, and winemaker Michael Chiarello, legendary game designer Hal Barwood, and an interview with the Austin-based band The Story Of including lyrics and music from their new album The World’s Affair.

Paradigm is a quarterly online publication, which launched its first issue on January 1, 2007. Rain Farm Press is run by author Paul Fuhr (“Cloudbreaking”) and Matthew Norris. Submissions for January 2008 are currently open. Rain Farm Press will publish a best-of anthology which will be published in print form in December 2007.