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Lost Genre Guild: Christian sci-fi, fantasy and horror

Postby frankcreed » 2007 03 27 2241

Hi there--

Here's a great resource for the best selling Christian speculative fiction authors. Where The Map Ends is a site run by novelist Jefferson Scott, Jeff Gerke's pen-name:
http://www.wherethemapends.com/Booklist ... _intro.htm

Jeff's given me permission to use his page as the Lost Genre Guild's affiliate bookstore. I founded the guild in 2006 for the promotion of Christian and Biblical spec-fic. Among our members are authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, promoters and fans of our lost genre. Anyone interested in networking with us, or in joining our ranks for His glory, contact me at frankcreed-at-insightbb.com. <--you'll have to tweak this address of course.

For a better idea about the LGG, here's our mission statement:

The Lost Genre Guild's mission is to raise the awareness and respect for Biblical speculative fiction, and to encourage, educate and support the creators of such fiction.

Our Vision . . .
Welcome to the literary home for artists, editors, agents, promoters, and fans of Christian sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural thrillers. Spec-fic is the best selling secular genre, but few Christian authors have been connecting with fans. Demographics show that many Christian genre fans are online. The Lost Genre Guild's been laying infrastructure for Viral Marketing, or, word-of-mouth buzz to promote our lost genre. We've been privately developing some hi-tech promotional capabilities, such as:

* Podcast (The Adam Graham Show)
* live-chat (FabChat)
* virtual-reality talk-show Terri Marathon's Town Square:

The Lost Genre Guild has also been publicly promoting through the Latest in Spec newsletter, CFBA, CSSF, CFRB, Speculative Faith, and the Lost Genre Guild blog.

Here are some of the places our members hang-out:

http://xianz.com/index.php?mode=tribe&a ... trb_id=321
http://xianz.com/index.php?mode=tribe&a ... trb_id=180

Daniel Weaver has an excellent critique group for Biblical and Christian speculative fiction. literary and proofreading advice, but spiritual as well. You may join this public newsgroup at:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Christian ... rit_Group/

The number-one reason people buy books is because they're recommended by family or friends. Publishers know the market is out there, which is why publishers keep throwing the dice on spec-fic. Publisher's traditional shotgun marketing isn't hitting the target market.


Christian genre fans gave-up on Christian bookstore shelves. Shotgun marketing aims inside the box, and our readership isn't in the box. Nobody home. According to the 80-20 rule of marketing, 80% of sales comes from 20% of efforts. The trick is identifying and focusing on that 20%.

If we work as the Body of Christ, each contributing with our talents, His will shall be done for our genre.

To God be the glory,
Frank Creed
Home: http://www.frankcreed.com
Blog: http://frankcreed.blogspot.com/
Book Review Blog: http://afrankreview.blogspot.com/
Lost Genre Guild Site: http://www.lostgenreguild.com/
Lost Genre Guild Blog: http://lostgenre.blogspot.com/

Frank Creed's Biblical fiction is available through The Writer's Cafe Press. Tales for the Thrifty Barbarian: An Anthology of High Fantasy, July, 2006. Light at the Edge of Darkness, a Biblical speculative fiction anthology, April, 2007. Flashpoint: Book one of the Underground, a Biblical cyberpunk novel, June, 2007.

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Postby rsutc » 2007 03 28 0938

I've just joined the Lost Genre Guild myself. It's exciting to see new initiatives in Christian science fiction. When I started using the term back in 2000 all I got was stares. Now, perhaps, the landscape is changing. Mayhap some of my own books will eventually end up in Christian bookstores (though given soem of the things they sell, I'm not sure about whether that is entirely good.)

Others interested in Christian SF can visit my c-sf.com page (subpage of Arjay Books) for what I think is a pretty complete listing of rseources in the fiels, and to which I add regularly.

Of course, if you really want to promote the field, buy books.

Rick Sutcliffe
Non-fiction, Christian SF, and columns

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