NIGHT OF THE DRAGON/by Angelo Victor Mercure

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NIGHT OF THE DRAGON/by Angelo Victor Mercure

Postby geraldmickelwhite » 2006 04 13 1205

This is an odd (but interesting) espionage/suspense novella by a very talented author.
The twisty plot centers around a none-too-loveable protagonist, ex-US Army noncom Jason Glenn Dawson, owner of two shady, money-laundering nightclubs in wartime Saigon. Dawson is really into drug dealing and firearms smuggling and his eventual nemesis proves to be the drop-dead gorgeous transgendered :oops: Vietnamese-American CIA agent Kim Anh Thi.
Fast-paced action?
Gratuitous sex?
Of course.
Slam-bang conclusion?
All in all, pretty much a formula spy tale with superior characterizations and a cliff-hanger plot.
Charles C. Kim - the noted Chinese-American screenwriter, based in Singapore - has written a screenplay adaptation of NIGHT OF THE DRAGON.
The rumor mills say that a Hollywood producer has already purchased a film option.
If so, let's hope Tinseltown pays proper homage to Angelo Victor Mercure's superb writing.

NIGHT OF THE DRAGON can be found at:

Sarah Reichman
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Postby Sarah Reichman » 2006 08 03 0824

My name is Sarah Reichman and I am an art gallery curator.
I gave Angelo Victor Mercure his first Los Angeles exhibition way back when......
Little did I know - at the time - that a truly superb fine art photographer could also be an incredibly gifted novelist.
Night of the Dragon occupies a place of honor among the favorites in my book case.
I purchased my copy via
Mercure's own personal/commercial site:
Am I prejudiced in his favor?
You better believe it!
An artist and a gentleman, those adjectives suit Angelo to a "t".

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