Tempral lobes

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Tempral lobes

Postby Nixus » 2005 03 09 0948

Of late I have been hearing some interesting stuff about the temporal lobes and their functions. Anyways I found this article on one of their more interesting properties, which from my understanding was fairly scientifically accurate. Although it is a rather long article it is well written in my opinion. Also if you are interested in this sort of thing, look up “temporal lobe epilepsy” or “temporal lob seizures” on Google.


I personally find it interesting how this information can be taken two ways. A religious person could say after hearing this that perhaps God create this ability for humans to have "divine" experiences in order for them to "find" God, while an atheist could say that this provides evidence that there is no God and that all religious experiences are now scientifically explainable.

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