Apple Buys Leading Toolmaker (April 2004)

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Apple Buys Leading Toolmaker (April 2004)

Postby rsutc » 2004 03 31 1400


Apple's latest acquisition presages a dramatic change in the industry.


Source: The Northern Spy
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Marshall Davis
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Hi, Rick,

Postby Marshall Davis » 2004 04 26 1350

I read your article on the tools aquisition, and being new to the genre, am not sure how to understand the article. I suppose that Apple has made a new aquisition, that it has something to do with tools, but that it has nothing to do with Black and Decker or table saws.

Tell me more, it sounds interesting.

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Postby arjay » 2004 05 02 0712

Ahem. You might want to consider the date on the article. Remember the word tax?
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