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True Story

Posted: 2008 06 22 1002
by Keyo
Dear Readers and book Stores,

It with pleasure that I, Solange DeVane, author of “Voiceless Brutalities,” am announcing the launching of my book, ISBN 978-1-4251-4369-5.

The book contains 590 pages of poignant events that will undoubtedly fuse the reader unable to put it down once they begin reading. The true story is one within Edmundston New Brunswick and its surrounding municipalities where my family still resides. The book is ready for print-on-demand orders. You may order as little as one book, or more, from the publisher.
Should you be interested in purchasing, please read as follow:
Toll-free, call: 1-888-232-4444
URL: (will show book-cover and all pertinent information)
Fax: 1-250-383-6864
Telephone: 1-250-383-6864
Mail: Trafford Publishing, 2657 Wilfret Road Victoria, BC V9B 5Z3
Retail price: $34.99
Sincerely, Author, Solange DeVane :D ,