Paradigm Issue 2 launches

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Paradigm Issue 2 launches

Postby norris140 » 2007 04 05 1528

Columbus, Ohio Literary Journal Launches Second Issue

Among April’s contributors is legendary cinema illustrator Drew Struzan, who has created nearly 200 movie posters, including the “Star Wars” series and “Harry Potter.” Paradigm pays tribute to Struzan’s oeuvre with an interview and a special career-spanning gallery dedicated to his produced and unproduced work, including “Indiana Jones 4.”

Also contributing to April is national bestselling novelist Raymond Benson (“Sweetie’s Diamonds”), award-winning weather journalist Warren Faidley, former Toad the Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips, and Hugo Award-winning science-fiction writer Charles Stross. Also sharing space with these names are less-established poets, artists, and authors. “It’s rewarding to put newer artists’ names out there,” Fuhr says. “To have their work considered and evaluated on the same level as people like Struzan and Stross is what Paradigm is all about.”

The eclectic lineup also reflects Rain Farm’s varied interests. “We’re proud of how different yet distinct all of these names are,” he says. “Under ordinary circumstances, some of these names wouldn’t look right together. To us, they do.”

The April issue of Paradigm will see the addition of a “Stage and Screen” department, featuring three screenplays, as well as its first recurring artist. A best-of anthology will be published in print form in January 2008. “I think the leap between our first issue and the second says it all: people have responded in the way we hoped they would.”

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