New Inspirational/Spiritual Science Fiction Novel

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New Inspirational/Spiritual Science Fiction Novel

Postby Everlasting » 2007 03 09 0940


A Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel


The author of Moon Over Key Biscayne has taken a
look into the future. Moon Over Key Biscayne,
addresses the ever changing challenges; that face
the world. As we struggle to survive on earth; we must
continually adapt to our environment. Moon Over Key
Biscayne brings life, love, despair and triumph together.
This challenge is culminated by a world changing
apocalyptic event. Moon Over Key Biscayne clearly
demonstrates the world’s courage, perseverance,
drive, and will to survive; when confronted with an
event of great magnitude; that threatens to destroy
the planet. This is the first novel for Linda Mackall
Her insight into current events is unique; and
invites everyone to challenge themselves. She
believes that life brings challenges; and that no one is
defeated; with God’s spiritual presence in their lives. 8)
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Postby Everlasting » 2007 05 03 0919

I just received my book cover proof. It looks great. I have a tentative release date

of 7/2/07.

Inspirational/Spiritual Science Fiction Novel
Moon Over Key Biscayne ... rdID=19261 ... d-43365371

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Book Excerpt - Moon over Key Biscayne

Postby Everlasting » 2007 06 27 0853

Brief Excerpt from: Moon over Key Biscayne by Linda Mackall


"We need a complete list of all satellite and relay stations around the globe, and contacts to whom we may download the software." General Johnson produced a list, and Breck began to transmit the files to every location. Once the software is installed, Globaltron would have access to all of the satellite power in the world. Breck spent the next several hours downloading the software to satellites, stations and grids around the world. General Johnson wanted to discuss other potential uses of satellite technology with Breck. Since the turn of the twenty-second century, technology had taken on new strides. NASA was recognizing meteors, darkened stars and planets as threats to Earth's survival. NASA had been developing laser technology to avert disasters, and protect the planet from unforeseen attacks. NASA scientists began developing laser stations. These stations had the capacity to target and destroy impending threats from outer space. The only limitation NASA had found with the technology, was how to harness enough power to destroy the threat before it reached Earth. John pulled Breck to the side of the office, and they sat down. "Mr. Marston, I have been giving your proposal a lot of thought. NASA has been researching the use of laser technology in outer space. Do you believe that satellite technology could be instrumental? Most of our research on the subject implements lasers from Earth. If satellite technology could be used. . ." Breck's face froze with amazement. "It would take some research. We would have to design satellite stations with laser capabilities, but I think it may be possible. I will contact Greg Tucker, the president of Globaltron, and see what he thinks," Breck answered. General Johnson patted Breck on the back. "This would be a joint effort with NASA of course. We will offer government concessions for your research and development," General Johnson agreed. "Consider your offer on the table," Breck answered. Breck shook General Johnson's hand, and they walked back over to Dane. The Secret Service car arrived at the White House to bring Breck and Dane back to the hotel. The day had been long but productive. Breck loosened his tie, and collapsed into the backseat. Dane climbed in the backseat, picked up his cell phone, and called Erica. The phone in Erica's suite rang. "Hi, Erica, it's Dane." "Dane. Where are you?" Erica said. "Breck and I are in the car. We are on our way back to the hotel," Dane replied. "How was your day?" she asked. "Long. I'm exhausted. Why don't you order us dinner, we will be there shortly." "I will, Dane. See you soon," Erica said. Erica hung up the phone and called room service. Erica wanted to make sure dinner was special. She knew Dane and Breck worked hard all day, and that they deserved something nice. Erica scanned the menu and decided to order beef Wellington and a bottle of red wine. "Hello, room service," Erica said.



Moon over Key Biscayne


ISBN# 1-4241-6884-8

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