Temporary epublishing while waiting to be discovered

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Temporary epublishing while waiting to be discovered

Postby alicem » 2006 06 04 0656

After a year of sending queries with no results, I am adding a new bullet to my arsenal.

I've joined a new website that is, in essense, a self ranking slush pile for agents and publishers. The objective of the site is to allow authors to go head to head in competition (judged by number of downloads and review ratings) and rank us according to our scores. Thus, theoretically, the best novels should rise to the top. The site will actively be marketed to agents and publishers as a 'self ranking slush pile' where they can cherry pick the best novels and authors.

I don't know if it will improve my chances of getting published (I'm hoping!), but worse case is that it will give me great feedback (from the reviews) on how I can improve my novels and a really nice website to send people to when they ask if I'm published. (I just hate the dimissive look I get when I explain I'm still in the process of getting an agent...)

One other critical item is that I retain total ownership of my book with no time commitments on how long it must remain on the site. So if an agent calls me tomorrow and wants me to pull my books off, I'm able to do so.

The site is http://www.bloodygoodread.com

My books are 'Tulip' and 'The Conundrum'. Check me out!

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