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New Christian Novel

Postby BetsyMarkman » 2005 10 29 1118


My name is Betsy Markman. My book is called "Dying for Answers." It is a crime drama with a strong Christian message. Christian issues addressed in the book include, "Why is there suffering if God is good?" "Why is Jesus the only way?" and how to be saved (by grace through faith). All of these issues are intertwined with a suspenseful storyline. The website contains a clear Gospel presentation on a page entitled "Who is the Answer?" That Gospel presentation is also given in my book.

The publisher plans to release my book on December 26th. I hope you will consider checking out my website at the link below.

Thank you!
Betsy Markman
Betsy Markman
Author of Dying for Answers, a crime drama with a strong Christian message.

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