Come meet the newest and greatest wizard

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Come meet the newest and greatest wizard

Postby mamabaer » 2005 10 15 1056


Come and join in the adventures of the world's newest wizard, Theodore Da Baer.

Theodore Da Baer an adventure into the world or magica and wizardry follows the adventures of a young German boy as he follows his dream to become a wizard. Just as he realizes his dream, the king orders all wizards to death. To save magic, the head wizard, turns Theodore into something no one can fear the world's first teddy baer. He tells him in the future a great wizard would be born and it was Theodore's destiny to train that wizard. She and she alone would hold the key to his return to his human form. However, if by her eighteenth birthday, she had not discovered the secret Theodore would remain a stuffed bear for all eternity.

Satan sends an evil wizard into the future to stop Theodore from fulfilling his destiny.

In 1993 the wizard is born in New Orleans, LA. Theodore and the newest wizard live thru many exciting adventures until that fateful day when good and evil clash. Will white magica survive? Will Theodore regain his human form? Only the book knows the answers and it is waiting to share its secrets with you.

Come to the web site The site is set up so that children may leave messages in the guest book for Theodore and he will respond to them by email.

Come in and enjoy a sample story. You know you want too see what all the fuss is about and it is free. So enjoy, enjoy.
Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Wishes to you and yours. May your lives be filled with Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Moments.


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