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New Fantasy Ebook for sale

Postby pjcsjc » 2005 07 31 0052

Writers Exchange E-Publishing is proud to announce its first fantasy novel by Christine Davidson...

TITLE: Trial of Cyrhision Book 1: The Darkling and The Lady
Author: Christine Davidson

ISBN: 1 920972 24 2

Book page:

Excerpts Page:

'The Trial of Cyrhision' is a fantasy series set in the British Isles as it was ten thousand years ago--or rather, as it ought to have been. In pristine lands now lost beneath the sea, ancient races with enhanced powers battle for supremacy. Embroiled in this conflict are Holt Goodfellow, a young farmer; Amrielle, the High King's enchanting daughter; and their friend Rillodan, a once-powerful immortal who is just a little crazy...
Book 1, "The Darkling and the Lady" tells how Holt leaves his rustic homeland to encounter adventures and perils he never dreamed of-- hostile Rockfolk, vicious Firbolg, a Renegade sorceror, and not least, love!

GENRE: Fantasy

PRICE: $3.95 (download) $9.95 (CD)

FORMATS: pdf, html, palm, rtf, Microsoft Reader and unencrypted mobipocket (prc), rb (rocket), imp (Gemstar 1150), imp (Gemstar
2150/Rocket 1200) - Available by download and CD

RELEASE DATE: 30 July 2005
Sandy Cummins
Writers Exchange E-Publishing
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