A Second Mid-Grade Reader from Writers Exchange

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A Second Mid-Grade Reader from Writers Exchange

Postby pjcsjc » 2005 05 17 0212

Author: Sharon L. Norris

ISBN: 1 920972 09 9

Book page: http://www.writers-exchange.com/sharon-book1.htm

Excerpts Page: http://www.writers-exchange.com/sharon-excerpts1.htm

What would you do if you found a dinosaur egg? Would you donate it to a museum, sell it for lots of money, or claim "finders keepers" and keep it for your very own, seeing as you found it? This is the dilemma facing young Nathan and Ashley, who find a dinosaur egg buried in the sand dunes at their local beach. When their discovery becomes public, thanks to their unscrupulous uncle who wants to sell it for big money, it seems as though everyone wants their dinosaur egg...

GENRE: Mid-Grade Reader

PRICE: $3.00 (download) $9.95 (CD)

FORMATS: pdf, html, palm, rtf, Microsoft Reader and unencrypted mobipocket (prc), rb (rocket), imp (Gemstar 1150), imp (Gemstar
2150/Rocket 1200) - Available by download and CD

RELEASE DATE: 17 May 2005
Sandy Cummins
Writers Exchange E-Publishing
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