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A Christian Adventure E-book from Writers Exchange

Postby pjcsjc » 2005 05 17 0207

TITLE: The Frencolian Chronicles Book 4: Treasures
Author: Carolyn Ann Aish

ISBN: 1 920972 06 4

Book page: http://www.writers-exchange.com/carolyn-book4.htm
Excerpts Page: http://www.writers-exchange.com/carolyn-excerpts4.htm

Escape from the evil King Elliad seemed impossible, then, Luke and Jobyna are led through a tunnel behind a waterfall into a valley where they find refuge. Sabin, the servant, leaves them there and the brother and sister discover the treasure cave. But what can two fugitives do with such fabulous treasures?
King Elliad seeks a book in which he hopes to learn the kingdom's secrets, including the way to the treasure cave. When he learns Jobyna has been there, he will stop at nothing to learn where the treasures are hidden, and to claim them as his own.

GENRE: Christian, Medieval, Adventure
PRICE: $3.00 (download) $9.95 (CD)

FORMAT: pdf, html, palm, rtf, Microsoft Reader and unencrypted mobipocket (prc), rb (rocket), imp (Gemstar 1150), imp (Gemstar 2150/Rocket 1200) - Available by download and CD

RELEASE DATE: 7 May 2005
Sandy Cummins
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