Bully Colouring Book a Real Winner!

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Bully Colouring Book a Real Winner!

Postby domokos » 2005 04 13 2047

The Bully - A Discussion and Activity Story
ISBN 0-9736224-0-7
40 pages :D
Age: kindergarten to grade 3
website: http://www.thebullybook.com
$8.00 (plus shipping) discounts for schools.

Bullying behaviour is a growing problem in schools and neighbourhoods. Studies suggest that children who receive intervention before the fourth grade are much more receptive to modification in their behaviour.

The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story, addresses the issue of bullies in the school and gives helpful suggestions to both children and parents on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner.

In The Bully, a story about bullying is followed by a question and answer section for children. The questions help children express their feelings about bullies, and the answers provide practical ways to deal with the problem. The illustrations for the story can be used as a colouring book while the subject of bullying is discussed.

The adult's section of The Bully contains a question and answer portion that informs parents and caregivers about bullying. It also gives effective information for dealing with a bully in a manner that provides a positive role model for children. Additional informational resources are also provided.

The Bully is an invaluable aid for parents, schools, community organizations, and agencies working with children.

"The Bully, by Rita Y. Toews, is an excellent resource for a teacher to use in his or her classroom..." – D. LaBorde, Special Education Teacher.

"I used the book with my class today and they loved it...provided us with lots of things to think about and discuss, both in the story itself, and using the questions." – Sharon Allers

"...Many people dismiss bullying as just 'high spirits', 'toughening up', 'part of life'. It isn't. It is a junior version of criminal activity, and it causes immense harm. What's more, it causes as much harm to the bully as to the victim... This wonderful little book by Rita Toews addresses the problem in a way that will appeal to elementary school students. It offers advice I know to be valid and effective. ..." – Dr. Bob Rich, M.Sc,. Ph.D., author of Anger and Anxiety

"... I believe that primary school teachers will find the story and discussion activities useful in the promotion of safe and caring learning environments. The book is a valuable source of information for teachers, parents and students alike." -- Mary T. Hall, Ph.D., Director Safe Schools Manitoba

This book would make a wonderful addition to an anti-bully campaign in younger grades. Also, large text in the story portion of the book makes The Bully a good literacy tool for visually impaired readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information. You may contact me at (204) 661-2734 or by return email if you wish to discuss this further.

School Discounts:

1- 2 books - no discount
2 - 5 books - less 30%
6 or more books - less 40%
(plus shipping)

Rita Y. Toews
Award Winning Children's Author

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