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List of Ron Price's Books On The Internet

Posted: 2005 01 16 0055
by RonPrice
1.1. The Emergence of a Baha’i Consciousness in World Literature: The Poetry of Roger White. This 300 page ebook is available at Baha’i Library Online and parts of it can be accessed at many places on the internet. Go to:
1.2. This self-publishing site also has a five volume, four book, work, a study in autobiography, entitled Pioneering Over Four Epochs which is 2600 pages long(four 650 page books). This work has been reviewed/approved by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States for placing on the internet. Go to: ... nclusion_1
1.3 My internet site entitled Pioneering Over Five Epochs is available at:

New comers to my website will soon discover that this website is meant to be: (i) an archive of my own life and work, and (ii) the lives and the works, the thoughts and the words, of many others both in the past and present. There are many criteria I draw on for the inclusion of the work of others in order to produce this internet island of what I like to think has both diversity and quality. I am no specialist but, rather, a generalist who has been reading and studying, teaching and learning, in a host of different ways over the vast landscapes of knowledge for more than 7 decades. Due to my being a generalist, readers will find more than 100 different sections and sub-sections, disciplines and fields, subjects and topics at this website.

A Little Bit of One Book

Posted: 2006 09 27 0100
by RonPrice
Here is some of my book about the poetry of a fellow Canadian, Roger White:

Part 1:

Although this book is devoted primarily to the poetry of Roger White, I have added special chapters to focus on a small selection of his letters, on his books of prose and here in this chapter on some of his other activities involving writing and poetry. I have done this to place his poetry in additional perspectives, those of a creative and imaginative life.

In a book celebrating the first hundred years of Hansard in Canada's parliament, John Ward wrote that Roger White was "acknowledged by his colleagues as one of the finest shorthand writers ever to serve his country." He also served as the official reporter for the Supreme Court of British Columbia. These were some of the skills White brought to the Publishing Department at the Baha'i World Centre where he was editor-in-chief of several volumes of The Baha'i World in the 1980s. He wrote the lyrics for 'Songs for Solo Voice' by Jean South in Luxembourg and the text of a book Forever in Bloom: The Lotus of Bahapur. Indeed, I am confident White had many other talents and abilities that are not mentioned in this book, devoted as it is to a study of White's poetry not his life's activites.

In 1989 White gave a poetry reading in Haifa. He had been at the Baha'i World Centre for eighteen years by that time. The evening's program was called 'Lipstick and Bruises.' The tone was entertaining with a gentle satire in the air as he read and spoke. White was a sit-down, not a stand-up, comedian. He really was quite funny, not a surprising quality to anyone who knew his poetry and had received some of his letters. White satirized almost everything that the Baha'i World stood for but, in the end, everything and everyone's emotions and standards were left intact. Most contemporary comedians who have gained popularity leave not a stone or an institution standing after a thoroughgoing evening of satirical work is done. Not so with White. He certainly turned stones over with his satire but the process was gentle and embodied an etiquette, a refinement, of expression.

Part 2:

I was reminded, as I listened, of the Jews who for centuries have been 'the funny guys,' the comedians. There seems to be something about suffering that brings out the lighter side of life as a survival mechanism. It seemed most fitting that two hundred Baha'is should join White in an evening of laughter and pure delight. Somehow it was a sign of the maturity of the Baha'i community, so often measured in blood, sweat and tears, dogged persistence in the face of massive indifference and a faith which it was their hope and belief would move mountains, if not tomorrow, then over the centuries. One way of characterizing the Baha'i experience, White's experience, perhaps, was with, as White put it in the title he gave to the program, 'Lipstick and Bruises.'

White read many of his old favourites and the audience's. He also read some new material: from letters he had received, from his experiences and those of others. He joked; he played the raconteur, the provocateur, the stimulator, the titillator, the poet-who-lived-there, the kind man that he was.

I was not present at the evening's entertainment which was organized, White informed us, by the Department of Organization and Personnel. I was one of those who received a cassette-tape with the background music of the Iranian musician Masoud Rowshan who played the santour. I was one of those who heard the voice of the poet, I think for the first time, after enjoying his many voices in poetry.

There was a dryness in his voice, a little like the dry humour that comes out of Canada. But there was that kindness, the kindness that 'Abdu'l-Baha had pointed to when He visited Canada in 1912. White was one of those 'kind friends' that 'Abdu'l-Baha had raised up just about the time when Canada was forming its first National Spiritual Assembly in 1948. With a lifetime of service, over forty years, and the experiences of lipstick and bruises behind him, White was a veteran. He was also greatly loved. There would be four years of 'lipstick and bruises' to go before his innings were to be completed.

Part 3:

I wish I could have been there, although I was able to savour each line as it came off my cassette tape. I felt as if I finally had White to myself after all these years, such are the illusions of technology. Nineteen months after this poetry reading White would leave the Baha'i World Centre. With a quadruple bypass operation under his belt, so to speak, which he likened to "being struck down by a herd of stampeding rogue elephants or perhaps a small Sherman tank," he still had a little left. He put that little into three books of poetry which were published within three years of this public reading at the Baha'i World Centre. :arrow:

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Posted: 2008 08 09 1639
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Re: List of Ron Price's Books On The Internet

Posted: 2015 07 19 1942
by RonPrice
It has been more than ten years since I first posted on this thread. I'll add an item to keep the thread alive and to maintain some continuity.-Ron
Section 1:

Research, in the sense that I use the term, is a studious inquiry or examination; my type of research is more qualitative than quantitative. The aim of qualitative research may vary with the disciplinary background of the writer; in my case my several disciplines of study and research are indicated along the top of this access page. The qualitative method investigates the why and how of various issues, and not just what, where, when, or "who". The fields of sociology, political science, social work, and education among many of the social sciences & humanities lend themselves to qualitative research. One of the primary purposes of qualitative research, as opposed to applied and quantitative research, is interpretation. For a detailed and general framework on the subject of my type of research go to: All of the topics and disciplines I write about at this site involve me in varying degrees of research and reading, writing and online interaction.

Section 1.1:

Due to my need to explain to myself what and why I am thinking and what I am doing, and why and what others are thinking and doing, I write. That is my motive, at least one of my main motives, for writing anything. I set out in my research and study on a mission of self-discovery. That fine essayist Joseph Epstein told The Atlantic a few years ago: “I set out to find out what I really think about a subject." Sometimes I have a fixed opinion, and sometimes I don’t have a fixed opinion or set of views, when I start to write; in the process of writing I play with & massage these views. "Simply to give pleasure to readers at a fairly high intellectual level makes my day,” said Epstein. I hope this website gives much pleasure to readers for similar reasons.

My site is, in the main, a self-organized learning environment for me in these years of my retirement now that I am going through my 70s and 80s, if I last into the years after 2024. If readers find here a learning environment of use to them, that is a bonus. I leave it to readers to work out their own learning environments in the vast landscape that is cyberspace, and the even vaster landscape in real space. I also leave it to readers to access my several volumes of autobiographical, memoiristic, writings. They can: (i) go to the top right-hand corner of this webpage and click on the words "Visit the old Ron Price Website", and/or (ii) they can go to the autobiography sub-section of this new/4th edition of my website by clicking on the word "Autobiography" in the same top right-hand corner of this wepage; or readers can go to this link: This will also give readers access to my annual letters to family and friends.