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Postby Bad Boy Of Literature » 2004 11 13 1114

If you haven't heard of it then your missing something good. Real good. Well that's what they tell me anyway. I wrote "Killing Molly" last year and since I have formed a company and published it. I've been flattered and reallys surprised at the reviews it's gotten. So...check out our site (and buy the book while your there) just to read the reviews. I have a responsiblity now towards the book. Which is to get it read by as many people I can, because if it doesn't generate any sales then the company I work for and several others work for will be sunk.

But forget all that and just buy the book. It's something I'm proud of and excited that so many have already found it to be such a good read.

Elitist Publications LLC

Oh...and Molly e-mailed me saying she was going to sue.

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Postby kristenhalter » 2006 02 18 0502

Hey Bad Boy,
Checked out your site--VERY impressive! Very professional! That's cool that you have your own company! A friend and I started our own company as well (the site's below).

Do you have an excerpt for "Killing Molly?" I didn't see one.
Kristen Halter

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