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ArjayWeb News 1

Postby arjayweb » 2003 10 30 1022

Rick Sutcliffe: ArjayWeb News 1: Greetings and welcome to the first edition of ArjayWeb News, offering
news, views and information from,,
and nameman, your source for web hosting and domain name registration.
<br />
What's this all about?
Besides occasional information, we needed a way to communicate to
all our customers about problems with our servers (rare, but they do
happen), special offers, and new services. So besides this
(ir)regular newsletter, the mail list will carry occasional
announcements to keep you informed on emerging events.
<br />
What else is new?
- WebNameHost has increased bandwidth and space sizes on all
accounts. Check your package on the website at to see if this has been applied to you. No
- WebNameHost has upgraded your control panel to version 8. The
default is now the xSkin version. See what the control panel skins
look like on the demo pages at If you want yours
changed to another style, let us know via a help desk ticket. No
- ArjayWeb has a news feed on the front page of most of our sites.
You can subscribe to this using a standard rss newsreader. No charge.
- Arjay Enterprises no longer accepts individual email. Use the help
desk at or click on the links on one of
our web sites. No charge.
- Arjay Enterprises now has discussion forums for all aspects of our
businesses, including domain names and hosting. View the forums at Topics from the bulletin board are carried on
our web sites for your convenience. No charge.
- WebNameHost now has more types of accounts and offers monthly
payment plans (at a slightly higher cost than the annual ones). There
are also plans for multiple accounts.
- WebNameSource has a new premium subsidiary called nameman, which
offers more elaborate domain tools and a wider variety of top level
domains. All new .ca registrations will be done here, for instance.
- All our sites have many more pages, redesigned layout, and much
more information available.
<br />
What's Coming
- a business-oriented hosting subsidiary
- security certificates for your web site
<br />
- When you sign on to your control panel, always use
https://yourdomain:2083. Ignore the warning about the security
certificate, and give your name and password. All communications will
be encrypted throughout your session. Or, use and there will be no certificate warning,
as this site has its own certificate. Or surf first to and click on the login button.
- Next time you use your control panel, be sure to update the
contact information. This is used by the system for various automatic
messages. If you want to change the data in our files, put in a help
ticket to advise accounting and also sign on to the newsletter site
and change your address there.
- Did you know that you can create additional email boxes within
your account for friends and family (up to whatever maximum applies
to your account)? No charge.
- Did you know that you can use your control panel to create
newsletters (mail lists) like this one?
<br />
Special Offers
- Join our forums and participate and you could win free web hosting.
- Refer a customer and win a month of free hosting. Just have the
customer you send us mention your name when they sign up and we'll
add a month to your expiry date.
<br />
More next time. Meanwhile, surf the WebNameHost site in particular
for some of the new info and see what applies to you.
<br />
Your HostArjay Web Services division of Arjay Enterprises
Web Hosting, Domaain Names and Security
<br />


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