Looking for Proofreaders again

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Looking for Proofreaders again

Postby rsutc » 2012 10 26 1555

Potential proofreaders

Many thanks to those who have proofread my novels before publication in the past. Your suggestions have rooted out errors in spelling, punctuation, and sometimes in the science.

I have now prepared Book I of "The Throne". Yes, you read that correctly. The last volume in The Interregnum was to be called "The Throne" and one of the plots in the story cycle was to be a retrospective history of the Hibernian throne taken in snapshots of 10K-30K words each, 100 - 300 years apart. Unfortunately, the fifteenth century on the latter part of the industrial revolution and the tall ships era grew and grew and gruesome more. So, The Throne is itself a multipart series, the first three books of which are essentially written. For the first, covering the kingdom Brian Boru established after surviving the Battle of Clontarf (second POD), the restoration in the fourteenth century, and the first chunk of Amy Rea's life in the fifteenth, I have added the apparatus and done two proofings myself, so it is ready to go out and get some other eyeballs on it. Books 2 and 3 are close, so could follow in a matter of weeks. Book 4 will take longer, but might be done by June. It or a volume 5 will complete both series simultaneously. I have an academic book to write and two textbooks to revise, so will not lack for work.

So, I am posting this here in case you are interested in proofreading at least the first volume of "The Throne". I know I do have fans, though they are not legion, and some of you have been pestering me for a new release. I will also send out notes to recent proofreaders referring them here.

Here is how it works.
> if you are interested, email me at rsutc-AT-arjaybooks.com (obvious change)
> I will give you access info to download a copy of book 1
> mark the copy up with some obvious marking like ***spelling or ***you have the science wrong here, you must have done the calculations on a broken slide rule or ***but you said her hair was green in the last chapter etc.
> mail it back to me within the month. By that time I may have the next volume ready
> repeat until done. There will be a hiatus after volume 3
> last time, I sent out the subplots separately, so there was a second round. I don't plan that this time
> if the result is what seems a clean copy, I hope to submit book 1 to the publisher for further editing by end of December (Last time two years then passed before anything happened.)

What do you get out of this besides my heartfelt thanks? A warm fuzzy feeling, and advance knowledge of the intricacies of the plot, even possibly of necessary changes to same. 700 000+ more words of scintillating Christian alternate history SF await you on top of the six volumes already published. Oh, if you are an author yourself, I would be happy to proofread one of your books on the same basis.

Rick Sutcliffe
Non-fiction, Christian SF, and columns

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