Proofreaders for Volume 6 The Builder

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Proofreaders for Volume 6 The Builder

Postby rsutc » 2010 08 02 1020

I am posting this here in case some people are interested in proofreading volume six of "The Builder" and didn't participate in the first round, done on separate plots as they were ready, or have missed my email sent to all who sent me suggestions.

Many thanks for your numerous suggestions on "The Builder" and your willingness to participate in a work in process. I have at long last addressed all the issues with The Builder and there are links available to the entire manuscript as a single file. This took a long time for several reasons:

- general health and an injury that required surgery and rehab
- problems with some of the plots that required extensive rewrites
- I got sidetracked on a subplot of The Throne that grew into a 200K+ word story (will be a standalone) [Story of Admiral Rae and the 15th century Battle of Trafalgar between Ireland and the combined fleets of Spain and France]

On the latter point, two of you convinced me that the space elevator as I conceived it could not work. You are right. The version now in the story is altered, more modest, but should work.

One person objected strongly to the concept of The Wanderer. It is now a collection of rocks, ice, and gas rather than a planetoid, and its damage is done by strikes.

I double checked the material on diving, and it appears to be correct.

Some numbers were scrambled, making it appear that I had done some bad computations. Well, I wrote the wrong answer, anyway.

I addressed many small issues you raised, some by altering the glossary or the notes on the Timestream rather than the story itself.

There are a very few new leads into the next volume, now that it is more complete.

There were many hundreds of typos in total, sadly with only some overlap among you, and I found more later. There may still be a few.

This version is complete (I think) except for graphics. The cover is still to be done. However, since the file is the entire book rather than subplots, it is big. So, I have not attached it. Instead it is available by FTP per the following instructions:

<instructions sent in an email to proofreaders who respond to me here or at the address rsutc AT>

My goal is to take the (hopefully fewer) comments into consideration and create the draft for the publisher by October at the latest. So, if you are still interested enough to participate further, then many thanks again.

Rick Sutcliffe
Non-fiction, Christian SF, and columns

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