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Proofreaders Needed

Postby rsutc » 2005 08 19 1552

Greetings from Rick Sutcliffe and Arjay Books

First the old news, or lack of it. "The General" has not yet been "officially published, and is still available only from us. An announcement may come "real soon now".

Second, the new news. "The Nexus", book 5 in "The interregnum" is essentially complete, except for some graphic design. However, before I submit it to a publisher, I want to do the same thing as with "The General" and have some experienced readers/editors help me comb out the inevitable errors that have escaped my tired old eyes over the last two edit cycles.

To this end, I have established a newsgroup for proofreaders. If you are interested, do this:

go to the page ...

and sign up. I anticipate creating both PDF and RTF versions, so if you cannot read either, post on there what your preferred reading method is and I'll see what I can do for you.

In a few days when everyone has had a chance to reply by signing up, I will explain on the list where/how to get the MS for "The Nexus". Then, the list can be used for discussing errors or asking for clarifications, but it would be best to post detailed corrections of a minor nature back to me in files, with each error marked with leading three asterisks. I will also post on this list when a new version is available.

Note that I expect the list to be low volume, and of limited duration in time.

Everyone who participates will get free access to the most current version of "The General" and "The Nexus" right up to the final publication one. Moreover, from among those who participate in book discussions leading up to the publication of The Nexus, I will offer someone free hosting for a year on

Thanks for your time and your past patronage.

Rick Sutcliffe
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