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Logo/Cover design needed

Postby arjay » 2005 08 02 1329

Take at look at the cover designs for the four books thus far in The Interregnum They are on the ArjayBooks site.

Volume Five is The Nexus. In it, Tirdia divides into two daughter worlds. I want a cover logo in high grade TIFF format that depicts the earh's globe as seen from an angle that will show both British Columbia and Ireland (top perspective). The logo needs to depict the earth in the process of becoming two, that is two copies of the above globe superimposed transparently as they separate from one another.

Design terms: I aquire all rights to the design and am free to alter it and use it in various forms without further compensation or restrictions. The image of the globe you employ must be free of all restrictions from any other party and yours to incorporate in the design and transfer unconditionally to me.

I may wish to incorporate the crossed swords of the other covers, or a single sword shown cleaving the earths in some fashion, or perhaps superimposed between the two globes as they are separating, but I could add this myself.

Please respond with a Private Message here or send your proposal to

If you have questions, please post here, so others can also benefit from my clarification.

Rick Sutcliffe, Administrator Arjay Forums

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