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Spam Users

Postby arjay » 2006 11 18 0842

Dear readers
In the last little while we have been getting a great deal of grief from "spam registrations". These are made by porn sites and others who register at every bulletin board they can to get a link in the profile, and higher Google ratings for their nefarious business. We have tried a number of modifications to the board to prevent these with some success.

However, in deleting the many phoney users, we may have deleted some legitimate ones. Try signing up again.

Note that you will have to provide a "VIP" code from the initial registration page and you will have to provide a legitimate reason in the "interests" box for signing up. You will not be allowed to provide a web site link until after your account has been approved; then you can edit your profile.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the spammers were getting to be a pain, with up to 50 phoney registrations a day.

If you have trouble signing up, sen email to user "nellie" AT

Rick Sutcliffe, Administrator Arjay Forums

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