New forums for authors and others; a special offer.

Temporary forum for comments on what to make of this community and how to structure the board. Participate and you could be awarded free hosting for a year.
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New forums for authors and others; a special offer.

Postby arjay » 2003 07 23 1156

Why this board?
We've grown tired of guestbooks being spammed, and the amount of email that comes in because of lists (spammers exploit those too) has become excessive. So this bulletin board. It replaces all our guestbooks immediately, and will become our primary means of communicating with customers and friends in time.

What can it be?
One author does not a community make, so we're looking for people to make this a viable one. Yes, we need forums for Arjay's companies, columns, books, and so on. However, we would also like a reasonably controlled place to hold discussions, and are also offering a place for authors and publishers to announce new books, post reviews, talk about eBooks and other publishing issues, etc.

Questions on domain names and hosting are also welcome, whether you are an Arjay customer or not.

Once there are enough people posting, we can form communities, whether public or private, from which moderators can run mailing lists from within the bulletin board.

But for now, the topics, forums, organization, whether we need moderators (and who they will be), etc. are all up for grabs and many of the comments are likely to be in this section.

Tell us by posting in this forum what you think of the concept, the page layout and colours, the forum titles, etc. We are open to changing just about anything to make this a viable board. In particular, for instance, should there be another URL for general consumption, say,,, or some such, in addition to the company URL of arjaybb?

How to participate?
To post, you must first register, wait for a confirming eMail, and follow instructions. There is no charge, not now, not ever.

What's in it for you?
Because the Arjay sites are well-linked and at the top of the search engines in some categories, a book announcement here will be an excellent link for your site. We'll mine those announcements from time to time for links to put on other parts of the Arjay sites.

There's already some expertise here (on the web since the 70's; writing since the 60's), and your questions are likely to get informed answers.

And, the kicker. To give things a kick start in the initial time this board is available, We'll offer free web hosting accounts to two people who are prepared to help make it a success. (Hey, Arjay owns our own server and hosting company.) Here's how we'll do it (though this is open to your comment and revision, too):
- if you want to be considered for free hosting, send email with the subject "free hosting" to If you don't need hosting yourself, nominate someone else or your favourite organization
- join the bulletin board and post questions, announcements, comments, reviews, etc.
- get others to join by pointing them here, too
- when we get to 50 members, 500 posts, or on September 1 2003, whichever is later, I'll pick at random from among those who have requested free hosting and have posted at least 20 messages of some substance (not that hard when you hang out at a BB) and/or have otherwise promoted the success of the board. The winners get a free hosting account on our system for a year (only catch: unless using subdomain hosting will need to transfer or register a domain name with us, but domains cost under $10 annually.) Note that these are premium Linux/cPanel accounts with full access and no ads, and would ordinarily cost $60/year.
- if things continue to go well, this offer may be repeated, and/or we may make other offers.

What's in it for us?
ArjayBB certainly promotes the Arjay sites, so indirectly brings fame and fortune . :wink: A community effort can be more than just self-help; it can promote the whole eBook, ePub industry and bring all its authors greater respect and recognition; again we benefit, albeit slowly and very indirectly. We hope to increase talk and reduce spam. Our guestbooks are gone. However, there is no direct profit in this; it's a gift to the eBook community. Use it well.

Rick Sutcliffe, Administrator Arjay Forums

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Postby rae » 2003 08 01 0457

There is no charge, not now, not ever.
Heh, never say never! I've seen a number of BB's go pay-only in my time..


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Postby arjay » 2003 08 01 0511

Good point. However, this one is not part of revenue generation directly, but an attempt to cut down on email and spam in guestbooks--a replacement communication method. It cost nothing but the time to set up, and Arjay is already profitable, so there would be no point in charging for it. If the idea of an authors community takes off here, we'll get someone else to moderate it.
Rick Sutcliffe, Administrator Arjay Forums


the fifth civilisation

Postby Guest » 2004 03 05 1257

hello there,
would be interested in translating the fifth civilisation into german. any chance that i get permission to do this, and what would you expect me to do to get permission? thank you: my email is :roll:

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Postby rsutc » 2004 03 06 0731

The Fourth Civilization will be undergoing extensive revision for a new edition later in the Spring. Once that is done, I would have no problem with this idea at all, and would readily grant permission. The work would have to remain shareware, but I'd be prepared to split any revenues down the middle with a translator. (Up to $10/copy, depending on number of copies.)

Rick Sutcliffe
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