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Portions of The Interregnum ready to proofread

Posted: 2009 05 15 1329
by rsutc
At long last, volume 6 The Builder of The Interregnum approaches completion. Indeed, it is written, and only in need of editing. As with previous volumes, I am asking for volunteers to proof the material after I give it a rough first edit. There are likely to be many errors still, so this can be tedious, but you do get to meet the characters months before anyone else.

For the first portion, I have compiled one sub plot of the story circle. These chapters will of course be interwoven with others, but this one, concerning Roger, The Builder of Tara, constitutes nine chapters, and about a quarter of the book. However, the concluding chapter, in which Roger figures prominently, is not in this section.

If you want to be part of my proofreading "gang", reply to this message with a PM or email and I will send you the first RTF file, some 60K words.
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