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Donita for Dessert

Postby frankcreed » 2008 11 03 2322

On November 1st, I had an incredible Saturday.

This story begins four or five years ago.

When I first researched websites for fans of Christian spec-fic, I joined a Yahoo group of which Donita Paul was part. Shortly after, I violated that group's privacy policy by sharing about Donita—off-group.

Most of you know my passion for tales of good and evil that glorify our Maker. I dissed the best-selling spec-fic author since C.S. Lewis.

Recently I apologized publicly to Donita, and she graciously offered to have coffee with me when she came to my town.

(I know, right?

When the day finally arrived, last Saturday, I was so excited I left the windows open, radio blasting and engine running when I parked and got out of the car
. 8D)

That's a word that suits Mrs. Paul: gracious.

She chatted with my editor and I for two hours at a sidewalk cafe over coffee and pastry, on a pleasantly cool autumn evening.

A former teacher with sparkling eyes, easy smile and a passion for her craft, Donita's not a lifelong genre fan like most spec-fic authors. She simply penned a wonderful tale, and got it published. But her voice is that good. Here's a scene from Dragonspell, page five—it's easy to see why she's such a success:

The Grawlig's beefy hands tightened on her thighs, and she felt herself swung in an arc over his head. He jumped and twisted, performing some kind of ritual dance with the others howling and gyrating around them. Kale desperately tried to pull in one cleansing breath of air.

"Stupid o'rant, stupid o'rant."
The ogres taunts filled her ears. "We heard you coming."

He released Kale and launched her frail body across the clearing toward the ridge she had climbed. Just before she sailed over the thirty-foot drop, another grawlig caught her by an arm and the back of her tunic. He swung her over his head, chanting.

"Stupid o'rant. Stupid o'rant. We heard you coming."

He changed the angle of the swing. Now her head came within inches of the ground and then high above the Grawlig's massive skull. Pain roared within her head with every sweep. On the next swing downward, she fought darkness closing in around her. She lost.

Easy read aloud material written by a woman who knows how to put young readers on the edge of their seats. Donita Paul's everything you want her to be, and more.

Here's an interesting factoid. Donita Paul and Jeff Gerke both hail from the same town. The two people who've done the most for Christian spec-fic—in the same city? What's in the water out there?


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