Reader/Editors needed for Volume 4

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Reader/Editors needed for Volume 4

Postby rsutc » 2004 02 24 0701

As many of you will know, My Christian SF [The Peace, The Firends, The Exile] is now available in three volumes from Writers Exchange, and various retailers, including Fictionwise, Content Reserve, and now in paper at All three have been nominated for awards, and the second and third are EPPIE finalists.

Now the first draft of volume 4 The General is complete, and I'm looking for people willing to read and comment on the book, in exchange for me reading and commenting on one of yours, if you wish.

I need people to find
- errors
- plot inconsistencies
- "rough" spots
- lousy writing
- any other problems

It might help if you've read some or all of the earlier books, but it is not absolutely essential. I can make the MS available to readers in rtf, Nisus, or PDF format.

Just in case there's a big rush, I'll only work with the first five people who respond and appear qualified to do editing.

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